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Thank you for supporting VisionQuest 20/20. For every investment you make, we are able to move closer to our goal of ensuring an accurate and reliable vision screening for every school child.

Click here to make a secure online donation.

Arizona Donors:

VisionQuest 20/20 is eligible for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit donation.   Learn More.

Help Us Protect Children:

  • Advocate for EyeSpy 20/20™, its innovative and medically-validated eye screening to schools across the nation.

  • Educate and advocate to parents, lawmakers and school leaders on the importance of quality annual vision screenings throughout a child’s key growth and development years, especially before vision deficiencies and potential blindness can’t be treated.

EyeSpy 20/20™ system has built in sponsorship opportunities:

Sponsoring VisionQuest 20/20 directly, or working with a specific school or district, you can support the vision screenings for hundreds or thousands of school children for years and benefit from positioning your company in front of kids and their parents.

Possible benefits to you, your business, organization or group include:

  • Customizable marketing messages on EyeSpy 20/20™ take-home vision reports (can include couponing or other messaging to drive traffic to your business)*

  • Positive public relations

  • Coordinated press releases with school(s)

  • "In-store" campaign

  • Good-will from parents, parent groups and local community surrounding the school

  • Supporting your corporate social responsibility

  • Featured recognition by VisionQuest 20/20

*These take-home reports contain important information about the health of a child and are available in English and Spanish. Viewership of your message is almost certain.

100% of Donations received support VisionQuest 20/20's Free Vision Screenings Campaign


Every 6.5 Minutes a child is diagnosed with permanent vision loss

Every 6.5 Minutes a child is diagnosed with permanent vision loss




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