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Thank you for your interest in VisionQuest 20/20 and the ground breaking technology of affordable, age appropriate and annual school-based vision screenings through EyeSpy 20/20™.

About VisionQuest 20/20

VisionQuest 20/20 is driven to dramatically improve the quality and availability of vision screenings for millions of school children, ensuring that eye examinations are more accessible, affordable, accurate and fun. Our comprehensive program, EyeSpy 20/20™, identifies children with potential vision disorders and allows schools to automatically generate reports for parents and follow up health care providers.

Scientifically validated and developed with the child in mind, EyeSpy 20/20™ software allows children to be screened for roughly $5, a fraction of the cost of bringing a trained medical professional to a school, or visiting one in person.

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About The Founders

James W. O'Neil, M.D. 

Dr. O'Neil is a board-certified pediatric ophthalmologist that has been treating childhood vision disorders for more than a decade. A highly-experienced surgeon trained in laser surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity, a blinding condition of premature infants, Dr. O'Neil established the first Retinopathy of Prematurity telemedicine program in Arizona to provide remote eye examinations of premature infants via the Internet.

Having utilized computer and Internet technology for the treatment and diagnosis of childhood vision disorders, Dr. O'Neil recognized how similar technology could deliver an efficient and cost-effective vision screening program for school children. This solution addresses the lack of viable and accessible vision screenings offered to children and is the basis for the creation of VisionQuest 20/20.


Richard S. Tirendi

At age five, Mr. Tirendi awoke one morning to find that he had lost his vision due to a poisonous insect bite. While the condition was treatable and his vision was restored, he never forgot the fear and sadness he experienced, and so his passion is manifested in his commitment to VisionQuest 20/20.

Mr. Tirendi is a successful electrical and computer engineer with numerous patents in his field. Grateful for his gift of sight and compelled to find solutions to ensure that school children across the country are not impacted by preventable vision disorders, Mr. Tirendi is deeply invested along with his co-founder in the success of VisionQuest 20/20 and serves as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer





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