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The Results

Nearly 300,000 school children have been screened using EyeSpy 20/20™ screening technology by VisionQuest 20/20. Read what people are saying about VisionQuest 20/20 and discover the significant impact we are having on children's lives.

More than 160,000 school children have been screening using EyeSpy 20/20™ screening technology by VisionQuest 20/20. Read what people are saying about VisionQuest 20/20 and discover the significant impact we are having children's lives

Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS
17th General of the United States (2002-2006)

"VisionQuest 20/20 , a 501 (C) (3) non-profit, is demonstrating that advancements in computer, technology, internet, and vision screening technology can overcome the barriers to large scale vsion screenings, and help solve this serious public health issue. VisionQuest 20/20 has successfully implemented an innovative, school-based program that screens for vision problems while a child "plays" a 2-3 minute videograme. The scientifically validated software conforms to national screening recommendations."

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Former Governor Janet Napolitano, State of Arizona

"Regular vision screenings can help detect vision problems early to ensure educational readiness, and for some children, even prevent irreversible blindness.

VisionQuest 20/20, an Arizona nonprofit organization, has developed an innovative model to promote regular vision screenings for school children by checking for vision problems while a child plays a two or three-minute video game.

This model program is an exciting part of the solution to help protect the vision of our school children and ensure that every child reaches his or her full potential."


Joetta Downs, Laveen Lions Club Volunteer

"I used the VisionQuest 20/20 (EyeSpy 20/20™ system) for the first time to conduct a vision screening program at MC Cash Elementary School in Laveen, AZ. There were 729 students in K-6. All of the students loved the experience of a “video game” for screening. They did not seem to realize we were actually checking their vision and were less apprehensive about approaching a computer. Some wanted to “play the game” again! Even the Spanish-speaking students, who spoke little or no English, immediately knew what to do.

As a proctor, I found the program very user-friendly. I especially like the data collection/sorting features of this program. Being able to print a summary report saves me so much time in copying teacher rosters or getting detailed reports if teachers want them immediately."


Donna Frye, RN, School Nurse

"My kids loved the VisionQuest 20/20 (EyeSpy 20/20™) system, especially the eye patch section, when we played "pirate.” They all wore the eye patch on their sleeves when they left, as a badge of honor. They are still asking if they can do it again.
I also am noticing that, when I send referrals home with the VisionQuest 20/20 printed results, compared to just my referral, I'm seeing a lot more parents actually taking the kids to get checked, and most of them are coming back with glasses.”


James W. O'Neil, M.D., Founder, VisionQuest 20/20

"Imagine the tremendous social benefit created if every American child received an annual vision screening at school. Preventable causes of vision loss could be detected at an early age, when treatment works best. Learning and school performance would be optimized."


Parent, Washington School District

"My daughter had been given glasses in 2005 for use only when reading. When she got screened at school using VisionQuest with her glasses on, she failed. We went back again to see an Ophthalmologist and she was diagnosed with amblyopia and now wears glasses all the time and is doing wonderful in school. Headache free, and her nose is always in a book."


Nurse, Washington School District

"I have several children who failed the regular eye exams because they didn't understand the direction or the proctors didn't take the time with them. I have a huge amount of special needs children and the program was a godsend. Especially for rescreens."


Trisha Collinson, RN, Balsz School District

"I was able to see your equipment in use at Madison #1 and it is like nothing I've ever seen! I would love for you to come to my district and tell us about how we may be able to use this for our screenings."


Nurse, Isaac School District

"All I can say is that the kids loved it, and several said they wanted to play again! It was such a joy to be able to use this program. It definitely saves us time in the long run."

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