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The Problem: Undiagnosed vision problems lead to lifelong consequences in health, psychosocial, and academic development.

Founders James O’Neil, M.D. and Richard Tirendi discuss the mounting public health problem facing our children.

When as many as 1 in 4 school aged children have undetected and untreated vision disorders it is a public health issue. Not only is their personal well being and health affected, but it is estimated that annual societal costs are more than $50 billion from the cost of treatment and lost productivity.

For many children, the lack of access to reliable and affordable vision screenings leads to lifelong health, academic and psychosocial consequences, including poor grades, low self esteem and the inability to fully participate in sports or other group activities.

Taking Action

Committed to putting an end to a serious public health issue, VisionQuest 20/20 is working with schools across the country to implement affordable school-based vision screenings using the EyeSpy 20/20™ video game technology. With EyeSpy 20/20™, schools screen children by having them "play" the fun, interactive video game that detects vision problems early on, when there is still time for corrective action.

We facilitate training and support for our comprehensive vision screening technologies to assist schools across the nation to conduct reliable vision screenings. Accurate and cost effective, EyeSpy 20/20™, identifies all of the most prevalent and severe vision disorders affecting children, including amblyopia ("lazy eye") which schools can then report to parents, with a written report and referral to an eye care professional. When vision disorders are identified early, the majority can be easily and inexpensively treated.




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