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The Solution: EyeSpy 20/20™

Independently medically validated, EyeSpy 20/20™ delivers school-based annual vision screenings that are reliable, affordable, and age appropriate, within a video game that is fun to play.

As its cornerstone, our revolutionary approach employs proprietary vision screening technology EyeSpy 20/20™ - a software program created by the Founders of VisionQuest 20/20. A child's vision is assessed in a standardized, cost-effective manner while he or she "plays" a two-to-three minute video game.

EyeSpy 20/20™ has been independently validated by the Medical University of South Carolina's Storm Eye Institute for scientific accuracy and reliability. The results of the double-blind study show EyeSpy 20/20™ provides results comparable to those achieved by a certified ophthalmic technician using a 'gold standard' device for assessing vision.

With this cutting edge technology, the method finally exists to confidently provide large scale vision screenings to children with:

  • Accurate and reliable results

  • A cost-effective test

  • Data collection that facilitates unprecedented epidemiological analysis to support better public health decisions regarding children's vision

Depending on the method used, the traditional cost of vision screenings can reach as high as $75 per child. EyeSpy 20/20™ screenings can be implemented for approximately $5 per child.

Distribution of our vision screening program is focused in schools, through government health programs and via other nonprofit organizations. Schools are the most efficient distribution channel because they offer the single largest venue for reaching children

EyeSpy 20/20™ System Features

  • Easy-to-implement program

  • Automated, age-appropriate vision screening protocols, for ages 4 years old and up

  • Professional, easy-to-read report documenting screening results in English or Spanish is automatically and immediately available for school health records as well as for the child's guardian

  • Child's screening history is retained in a database, enabling rescreening without record duplication as well as reports that can be reprinted at any time, individually or collectively

  • Database of all vision screenings conducted with EyeSpy 20/20™ is available for each school with easy-to-use, comprehensive data reporting features

VisionQuest 20/20 Program Benefits

  • School health offices love the easy administration and reliable results

  • Children love "playing" a video game to have their vision checked

  • Volunteers love the ease of use

  • Promotes better learning and development for individual children who have vision deficits and every child who benefits from the optimal classroom pace

  • Operates on most computers currently in schools

  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers within a school

  • Proven accurate and reliable

  • Offers businesses the opportunity to help schools while promoting their business with a possible reduction in tax liability

  • Offers schools a fundraising opportunity while protecting their students vision

Providing Resources

We are passionate about the vision health of America‚Äôs youth and understand the competing demands on our schools and the budget concerns they face. Our affiliated website, was created as an online community, designed to provide best practice resources for parents and schools to raise awareness and funds for EyeSpy 20/20™.

We have also compiled a list of other Resources you may find helpful to raise awareness and champion change in your school or community.

Get Involved

VisionQuest 20/20 is working with people like you - parents, school officials, medical professionals, philanthropic donors, sponsors, the media and the general public - to raise awareness and implement this program in schools across the nation.

Join us. Visit today to download a demo of EyeSpy 20/20™ and learn more.

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The Solution: EyeSpy 20/20™

The Technology: Replacing the 150 Year Old Eye Chart

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