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Annual School Usage License.

The License provides unlimited installations of EyeSpy 20/20 vision screening software within each licensed school.

Annual School License for school with TOTAL verified enrollment of 0-249 students....................... $1,500

Annual School License for school with TOTAL verified enrollment of 250-499 students................... $2,000

Annual School License for school with TOTAL verified enrollment of 500+ students........................ $2,500

The annual license does NOT include any vision screening supply kits and must be purchased separately. Please note the following:

[1] Vision screening kits do NOT require annual replacement.

[2] Kits can be "shared" among schools within your district.

[3] EyeSpy 20/20  can be installed on an unlimited number of computers - even those not intended for screening purposes.  For example, the nurses, principals, and teachers may want EyeSpy20/20 installed on their computers so that they can access the reports but don't intend to screen students with their computers.  Or perhaps, they want EyeSpy 20/20 installed on 20 computers in EACH school but wish to move the vision screening kits from school to school.  Only one kit is required per computer designated to conduct EyeSpy 20/20 vision screenings simultaneously.  In other words, you can install EyeSpy 20/20 on any number of computers but may wish to only use 20 of those computers at any given time to perform vision screenings.  In this example, you only need 20 vision screening kits. 

[4] Each computer running EyeSpy 20/20 can screen 10 students per hour (conservative estimate).  When determining the number of computers you intend to use simultaneously to vision screen, please consider your "students per hour" requirements.  For example, if you wish to vision screen 250 students in one 5-hour period of time, you will require 5 vision screening computers.

250 students / 5 hours = 50 students / hour (SPH)             50 SPH / 10 SPH per computer = 5 computers

[5] Additional kits can be purchased at any time.  We recommend a minimum of 4 computers be used when conducting mass vision screenings.

Annual School Usage Fee.

Each school within the licensed entity (School District) pays a maintenance fee of $600 annually. Screening kits are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

$600 (GLP300401)

Pay Per Screening.

Screening kits are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

There is no licensing fee or annual maintenance fee.  This pricing is ideal for independent or private schools (not part of a larger district).  Screenings are available for purchase in blocks or quantities as shown below:

100 Screenings Block $6.00 per Screening
250 Screenings Block $5.50 per Screening
500 Screenings Block $5.00 per Screening
1000 Screenings Block $4.50 per Screening

NOTE: The 100, 250, 500, and 1000 block screenings do not have an expiration date to easily fit into your screening needs.

Large scale implementation pricing is also available in a block of 50,000 screenings at $4.30 per screening. 50,000 screening block will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Each vision screening kit contains the following items.  Each kit (GLP300411) costs $75 and one kit is required per vision screening “station” (laptop computer on which vision screenings are to be conducted). Individual components of the screening kit can be acquired individually.

1 - 10’ USB A-A mouse extension cable, also used to measure screening distance ($11) (GLP300403)

1 - 1 pair of red/blue stereopsis testing glasses ($26) (GLP300402)

1 - 1 pair of reversible occluding glasses ($21) (GLP452300)

1 - padded, clothe eye patch with elastic band to occlude the eyes of children that are unable to wear the reversible occluding glasses ($5) (GLP300413)

1 - combined LEA Symbol / Number near vision card w/ LEA Symbol flash cards ($33) (GLP251000) Replacement flash cards ($9) (GLP251800)

1 - near stereopsis testing card ($21) (GLP300406) (sold as 4-pack)

1 - translucent LEA Symbol response panel ($10) (GLP255303)

1 - LEA Symbol flash cards ($10) (GLP255304)

1 - EyeSpy 20/20 Quick Start Guide (included)

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Valid through 12-31-2018.  Prices shown don’t include applicable taxes, shipping or handling.