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We absolutely love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can serve more children across the country.  Don’t be shy and please let your voice be heard – Because Every Child Deserves To See.


We are honored & privileged when others join our effort in saving children’s vision.  Bring your talent, passion, and expertise to VisionQuest 20/20 and start changing young lives today. 


Perhaps one of the most significant ways you can help our efforts is to let others know.  While most people may have an appreciation of vision, not everyone is aware of our efforts in protecting it.

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EyeSpy 20/20 is the world’s only completely automated, subjective vision screening method.  It assesses threshold visual acuity, color vision, and stereopsis.


You do NOT need to be certified to conduct EyeSpy 20/20 vision screenings accurately & reliably.  In fact, only a minimal amount of training is required.


EyeSpy 20/20’s engaging graphical animations were designed & created by Carnegie Mellon University under the leadership of the late Randy Pausch.


EyeSpy 20/20 instantaneously provides screening results (in English or Spanish) and safely stores all your result in a HIPAA-compliant data cloud... forever.


An independent, medical validation study concluded that EyeSpy 20/20 results do not differ significantly from those of a professional eye examination.


EyeSpy 20/20 protects children’s vision, their privacy, and school’s time by facilitating data transfer to and from their health information software systems.

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richard carmona
17th Surgeon General of the United States

“VisionQuest 20/20 is demonstrating that advancements in computer, internet and vision screening technology can overcome the barriers to large scale vision screenings, and help solve this serious public health issue. I strongly encourage anyone involved with children’s vision health to learn more about VisionQuest 20/20.”

 janet napolitano
Former Governor of Arizona

“Regular vision screenings can help detect vision problems early to ensure educational readiness, and for some children, even prevent irreversible blindness. VisionQuest 20/20 has developed an innovative model to promote regular vision screenings for school children by checking for vision problems while a child plays a 3-minute video game. This model program is an exciting part of the solution to help protect the vision of our school children and ensure that every child reaches his or her full potential.”

Joetta Downs
Lion’s Club Volunteer

"I used EyeSpy 20/20 for the first time to conduct a vision screening program on 729 K-6 students. All  the students loved the ‘video game’, did not seem to realize we were actually checking their vision and were not at all apprehensive. Many wanted to “play the game” again! Even students who spoke little or no English, immediately knew what to do. I found the program very user-friendly & especially like the data collection/sorting features. Being able to easily print summary reports saves me so much time.”

District Nurse

“I’ve been using the EyeSpy 20/20 vision screening program for years.  My entire staff and I absolutely love this amazing approach to assessing children’s ability to see.  Simply put, EyeSpy 20/20 makes our job much easier, much faster, and the results are significantly more accurate!”

A parent requesting anonymity wrote:

“My daughter had been given glasses a year ago.  When she was screened at school using EyeSpy 20/20, she failed.  We went back again to see the eye doctor and my daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia.  She now doing wonderful in school, no headaches, and her nose is always in a book.  This program saved my daughter from going blind in her weak eye.”

VIDEO: hunter's storyVIDEO: rene talks about changing lives
Hunter's Story
Rene Talks About Changing Lives

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